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From Pontevedra to Caldas de Reis (Stage 3 of 4)
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Pontevedra Caldas de Reis 23 kms

Today’s journey is not a difficult one but I advise you to leave early so that you can enjoy your lunch and the evening in Caldas de Reis. If you leave the hostel at 7.30 a.m., you will be at the Church Virxen Peregrina, one of the most important landmarks of the Portuguese Way, at 8.00. Then, walk through the historical centre and cross the ancient O Burgo Bridge over the River Lérez, as it flows into the Pontevedra estuary.

After reaching the north bank, take Santinha Street that continues into a path along the whole valley of River Granda. At the beginning, you will have to pass the swampy areas of Xunqueira de Alba, obliging you to wet your feet in the muddy stretches of Castrado and Pozo Negro.

Soon you will arrive at San Mauro, where you can have a break by the fountain. From here, the route is wide and easy to walk, free of traffic and with a conventual quietness. Here and there, the stone mason-worked crosses, some of them preciously carved, will appear, indicating you are on the right route to Santiago. And you will have to go back to the N550 road, on and off several times, until you arrive at the village of Tivo, where you will find a welcoming fountain. However, you shouldn’t stop for long, as it will take you 15 minutes to the end of the journey.

After entering Caldas de Reis by the Church of Santa Maria, go straight to Umia Bridge, the most important place of these baths, where there are some ancient hotels, as remains of a flourishing thermal activity. You will have to find accommodation, as the Hostel for Pilgrims is not yet available.

You will have plenty of time to visit this small town. Have some moments of relaxation, washing your tired feet in the hot waters of Burgas springs.

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Market Cross


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