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From Oporto to Vilarinho,Vila do Conde (Stage 1 of 5)
Pillory of Oporto MunicipalyMonumentDown from the Porto CathedralMisericórdia Church / Flores StreetCedofeita St.Ramada Alta ChapelSenhor do Padrão Stone crossCathedral of OportoTower of the Clérigos ChurchCedofeita StreetCarvalhido churchDay 1 - Stage 1

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Porto Vilarinho (Vila do Conde) 25 kms
Leaving Oporto

If you plan to start your Pilgrimage in Oporto, the departure should obviously be from the Cathedral. Try to leave at about 8.00 a.m. Although it is not a very long journey, you will have to walk several miles in the urban area of Oporto and Maia town with dangerous and dense traffic.

Leave the Sé Square, go down the stairs to Escura and Banharia streets, two narrow medieval streets. After crossing the busy Mouzinho da Silveira and Flores streets and going through Caldeireiros street, you will reach Campo dos Mártires da Pátria, the old Cordoaria, which used to be outside the city walls, precisely where the Olival Gate was. Within a short distance, you’ll see on your right the ex-libris of this “invicta” town, the Clérigos tower. After crossing Campo dos Mártires da Pátria, do stop to see the Carmo church and have a stroll in Cedofeita street, one of the most important commercial arteries of Oporto. Walk straight to Ramada Alta. From here, go through Carvalhido, having the useful camping site Quinta da Prelada on your left, cross under the motorway to reach Monte dos Burgos, and then cross Via da Circunvalação (the Ring Road) watching out for the traffic in spite of the lights! Go straight on to reach the Oporto suburbs of Padrão da Légua and Araújo. Here, it is time for your first option on how to cross the river Leça – either the roman Barreiros bridge or the medieval Moreira bridge. The first one is older presenting, however, the obstacle of having to cross the N13 (a dangerous road with dense traffic) and, in spite of being an interesting track until the outskirts of Maia city, it looses interest with the passing of the Industrial Zone before Vilar do Pinheiro. The second alternative dates from after the 15th century but follows an easier route by the Convent of Moreira da Maia until Vilar do Pinheiro too, where both routes meet.

From here, there is only one road again and you can indulge the progressive transition from urban into rural areas. You will find Mosteiró, a pause for a rest and your packed lunch. Then, go ahead to Gião, followed by Vairão, surrounded by a landscape with dense agricultural activity. Finally you will arrive to the village Vilarinho, having covered most of 15,5 miles in the town of Oporto and its outskirts. We do advise you to end here today’s journey and we deeply regret the impossibility of offering you the security of a hostel.

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