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From Caldas de Reis to Padrón (Stage 1 of 3)
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Caldas de Reis Padrón 17 kms
Leaving Caldas de Reis

Another journey without great difficulties and with some charming sections. You will leave Caldas de Reis, walking on Calle as far as the medieval Bermaña bridge, one of the most interesting sites in this town. Then, you will have to get onto the N550 for a while so that you can enter the Bermaña Valley. It will take you one hour, walking this unforgettable stretch of meadows and woods, to reach Cruceiro village, where you will take the N550 again. Cross it to pass the Church of Santa Maria de Carracedo and farther down cross this main road again, going eastwards. You will be engulfed once more by this prodigious, luxurious nature along the River Valga, feeling lost in time and giving life and sense to the fabulous and fantastic legends of your childhood.

Reality will wake you up in S. Miguel de Valga, with the slow descent to Pontecesures, where you cross the River Ulla. The legend tells us that the barge with Saint James’s corpse went up this river (considered an inlet of the Arosa estuary) in direction of Padrón, situated just opposite Pontecesures, on the other side of River Ulla, precisely where today’s journey ends.

On your way to the hostel, situated next to the Carmo Convent, you will pass near the Church of S. Tiago. If it is still opened, visit it to see the stone column where the Apostle barge was moored and after which this town was named. Do not forget to taste the famous Padrón small green peppers at dinner.

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