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From Redondela to Pontevedra (Stage 3 of 4)
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Redondela Pontevedra 18 kms

Today’s journey is short as it takes you 4 - 5 hours. Therefore, you can delay your departure and you still have plenty of time to visit the historical centre in Pontevedra, in the afternoon. However, before leaving Redondela, you should visit the Romanesque church of Santiago, the first Mother Church of the Way devoted to the Apostle.

Leave the N550 in the town suburbs and take a westwards secondary path that crosses the railway and the main road again leading you, after a slight slope, to a resting area with a good fountain in Outeiro de Penas. You must climb a little more until Alto da Lomba, a dominant spot with an excellent view over the Vigo estuary. Then go down again to the now familiar N550, which will take you to Arcade (one day, you should come back here to eat the best oysters in Galicia).

Between Arcade and Pontesampayo, the River Verdugo flows into the Vigo estuary. You must cross the long medieval bridge, the scene of one of the bloodiest battles against Napoleon’s divisions led by Fieldmarshal Ney during the 1809 campaign, as they were heading to Portugal. It was so violent that even nowadays, the populations name their dogs after the French generals.

After arriving in Pontesampayo, you deserve a rest. Look for a bar at the foot of the bridge and ask for a caña of cider.

Feeling fit after this pause, you will have the opportunity of walking in one of the most beautiful sections of the Way, having previously gone through a labyrinth of small streets in Pontesampayo. Then, step down to river Ullo, cross over the extrados of a full arc span in natural scenery of rare exuberance and once more, go up a very old steep street that climbs the Canicouba slope to Cacheiro.

After this mountainous area, the road widens again, running through fields, vineyards and orchards until the outskirts of Pontevedra, announced by the amount of houses and urban tumult. The hostel is waiting for you near the Railway Station (RENFE) and you have plenty of time to have lunch and visit the well restored historical centre.

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