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From Valença / Tui to Redondela (Stage 6 of 6)
Redondela entranceChan das PipasBaixada a PadrónO Quinteiro roadRedondela entranceDay 5 - Stage 6

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Valença / Tui Redondela 29 kms
Arriving Redondela

If you have decided to stay in Valença yesterday, you must actually cross the steel bridge over the River Minho (in olden times, Pilgrims used to cross the River by boat between the Arinho and Lavacuncas peers. This can still be done nowadays) and go straight to the Cathedral, the starting point of this journey.

Be ready to leave the Cathedral at 8.00 a.m. You will pass through the tunnel of Clarissas (Poor Clares) Convent, and outside the walls, by the Church of Santo Domingo (you have the most beautiful view over Valença and Tuy from its garden pergola) and the Church of San Bartolomé. Then, go down to Veiga Bridge but do not cross it. Turn left onto a path, cross the railway and the main road, pass the Virxen do Camino Chapel and after crossing the complex network of motorways, you will arrive at one of the most beautiful tracks of the journey – the Louro Valley. Its beauty is so magnificent that you won’t notice the foetid effluence of the manufacturing industries of Porriño. On this spot, the Bishop of Tuy, San Telmo, died of plague 750 years ago, in the quietness of the Febres Bridge, on his way back from a Pilgrimage to Santiago.

After this bucolic stretch, you will start one of the most strenuous tracks of the Way on leaving Orbenlle – crossing the Industrial Polygon and entering Porriño by the main road. This consists of 3 miles in asphalt, packed with lorries. Therefore you will welcome a pause to have lunch and recover your energy for the second part of the journey. You will leave the town northwards by the same road. It is the N550 that runs side by side with the Road and will be your reference until Santiago de Compostela.

Then, pass Pazo de Mos, take a deep breath before enduring the steep Cavaleiros Street, go on to Santiaguiño de Antas (a Roman mile landmark belonging to the military via XIX, Braga – Astorga) and Chan das Pipas, a place with an overwhelming view over the Vigo estuary. Here, you have a fountain for your needs. Drink and have a rest, as the way down is demanding. Do not give up, you are very near Redondela where a very good hostel (Torre do Relógio, in the centre) is waiting for your deserved rest.

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